I finally did it!

I finally made a website for my photography since I am a photographer and you may or may not have known that but know you do and you can check out some of my work on three different platforms:


The first link sadly has the least amount of work on it but it will be my official site so I will have things on there that cater to my interests and focus as an artist while the other two will be more along the lines of what I can do but don’t really want as a main focus if you get what I’m saying.

I feel like I just went on a long run-on sentence/tangent.

Anywho those links hold some of my work and I will slowly but surely post more up pretty soon ;D

(on a side note I need to start making blog posts again I feel like its been forever and then school just started back sooo hmm. D^;

Today is the last day…

that Fearnet.com is running.
not as dramatic as the title would seem but eh…


So Fearnet was a channel on Comcast/website that catered to horror fans old and new. And now because of Comcast being bought by NBC and them finding Fearnet to be too redundant with their already owned channels of SyFy and Chiller, they are taking it off the air.

I am sadden to see it go D;

Here’s some of the main article from the site:

“You may or may not know this, but as of July 30th, FEARNET will shut its doors forever. In April, Comcast NBCUniversal bought out FEARNET. Because NBCUniversal already has Chiller and Syfy, it was decided that FEARNET was redundant. Most of the staff was laid off then, with a skeleton crew kept around to help with the transition.

I have worked at FEARNET for the last six years – the last two full-time as associate editor – and it has been the most formative experience of my life. It would drive my husband crazy because I would work non-stop – but when it was all said and done, he told me that he never heard me complain. Not once. I loved this job. I will continue writing about horror. Currently I am writing for Shock Till You Drop, and I have some stuff in the works for Fangoria. I am currently working on a book about Friday the 13th: The Series. It is my favorite television show of all time, and am getting brand new interviews with the cast and crew.

All of us at FEARNET did it because we loved it. We love horror, and we were given an amazing outlet to work in. Network president Peter Block is a gregarious man who always had time for a conversation about the newest horror flicks and what I was watching on TV this week (it was usually everything). Editor-in-chief Lawrence Raffel has ruined me for other job. As a boss, he never said “no” to an idea I pitched, and he was always there to help flesh out ideas. As a friend, he was always there with a sarcastic quip and an open ear. I believe that I will always remain good friends with our brilliant editorial staff, Rob Galluzzo, Greg Burkart, John Squires, Scott Weinberg and Chris Connors, and with our amazing video staff, Rhianne Paz Bergado, Kyle Van Vonderen, Ben Koppin, and Jaclyn Kabble.”
– See more at: http://www.fearnet.com/news/news-article/final-farewell-fearnet#sthash.voao4bH0.dpuf”

Random Musings: Happiness is like a Butterfly

So I helped a butterfly today. I came across it on a sidewalk. I had almost accidentally stepped on it and observed it to see whether it was alive or dead. It didnt move or anything and was kinda just laying on its side and so aside from having the need to take a picture of it (oh me being shutter happy) the fact that people kept walking by it which also meant that someone could easily walk by and kill it if it were still alive forced me to take action sooner than later. Thankfully there were bushes around so I quickly got a leaf and bent down to see if its legs would respond. They did of course but it didn’t try to actually climb on to it so I put my hand near its legs and it got on my hand and as I carried over to the bushes all I could think of was this poem that I found out about when I was a child:

” Happiness is like a butterfly;
the more you chase it,
the more it will elude you,
but if you turn your attention to other things,
it will come and sit softly on your shoulder “

- Henry David Thoreau

And so I was thinking, while carrying it, is this butterfly a physical representation of my happiness at the moment? Is it supposed to symbolize anything?

I am going through a relatively recent breakup but if I were to look at the butterfly as a symbol of my happiness would it mean that my happiness might be broken right now, that it might take some time to heal but if I were to just pick myself up and comfort myself everything will be fine?

Well that’s what I would like to believe anyway.

Random Musings: Is it ok for a male to be submissive?

Yes, it is.

Don’t let societal norms bring you doen. Don’t let others ideas of masculinity and feminity morph your own opinion of those things either.

Define masculinity for yourself.

First and foremost be true to yourself.

If you feel that (like my boyfriend) bringing pleasure to someone else in of itself brings you pleasure then whats so wrong about that?

Its what gets you off so obviously you would need someone in your life that wants you to bring pleasure to in any kind of way lol.

This post was a lot more starter than my usual ones but I feel that this needed to be said, this sites lacks male submissive things in general I don’t know what happened to all lf them but it makes me kind of sad.

You don’t have to be a DOM if your male and you don’t have to be a sub if your female.