Why I like Horror Movies

This is kind of just a post to follow up on my dislike of Zombies post(since I don’t watch horror movies because they scare me or because I’m not an adrenaline  junkie who gets something out of suspenseful cinema.

No I don’t watch horror for any reason in that particular field of thoughts. I watch horror movies because, like any other movie genre really, they are stories. Urban Legends to be specific. Each horror story is different but down the road its fallen into the same cliche/ predictable path as any other genre of cinema and lost some of its original charm.

I have seen a few gems these pasts years but I haven’t diverted into the genre quite hard enough for me to know about releases that aren’t advertised. :/ I’m not a fan of slasher flicks (unless they are some kind of people resurrected from the dead and have some sort of vendetta *cough* Freddie *cough* Jason *cough*) Continue reading

My thoughts on the Frozen Movie

So this is a Facebook conversation I had with my friend about the movie Frozen. Jay is my friend and El is me of course lol. This is of course strictly my opinion and I don’t really care if you disagree with me or not. Its your opinion and this is mine.

El: Oh and I watched Frozen, did not like that movie at all

JayI liked frozen

 ElThat movie disappointed me

Jaywhat why? details

ElWell I expected it to be more about sisterly love and in no way shape or form involve some kind of love interest

But it wasnt and it did

Jaywell true

I went in with low expetations and liked it Continue reading

What do you want to do to me?

Ugh such an annoying phase

I’ve heard it said again and again.

Particularly from guys that I’m slightly interested in on a D/s level and I’m trying to figure out if I wanted to meet up with them in person and have a little fun ;D

I think why that particular phrase turns me off so much is that to me it feels as though the person saying it doesn’t exactly know what they want done to them themselves.

I want someone who is confident with their submission to tell me in explicit detail what they want me to do to them/done to them and realize that its up to me to decide whether or not I would do any of those things and when I would do them (of course).

I do enjoy vulgarity. And even if someone’s shy about its still pretty hot to hear you tell me about all the things that you’ve ever fantasied about or wanted done to you by someone.

And I’m the type of person that could pretty much go for anything except scat play and maybe cuckolding (that one depends really).

Honestly I just want a guy that is courageous enough to tell me he likes me and is also confident enough in their sexuality to tell me want he wants and know that it would be up to me whether or not I would do any of those things he wants lol. ( I kind of feel like I repeated myself here lol but trying to get a point across XD)

I didn’t get to see My Chemical Romance live! D:

MCR is my number 1 all time favorite band of my top 5 favorites. Out of all of them I’ve seen 2 so far live (hopefully 3 if I’m able to get BMTH tickets for March), but I’ll never to see MCR live since they broke up.

I was kind of in a mourning period after I read the announcement on their website’s blog ( I checked recently but for some reason its been taken down). Continue reading